Worship precautions – adopted June 8, 2021


French Creek will:

  1. Sanitizer will be available at each entrance and in the pews.
  2. Masks will be available at the main entrance for those who would like one.
  3. Communion The altar guild will wash, mask and glove while preparing the elements. Communion servers will sanitize and mask.  We will offer pre-sealed communion kits for pick up at the door for those who prefer not to have others touch their communion at this time.
  4. Offering plates will not be passed at this time, but will be available by the doors.
  5. We invite worshipers to use care when interacting with others; recognizing that others may use (or need) more or less caution than you are comfortable with.
  6. Connect the indoor worship service to the radio transmitter, so people can worship by listening from their cars in the parking lot or nearby homes.


Regarding masks: The CDC recognizes that if you are fully vaccinated it is safe for you to be part of indoor gatherings without a face covering. If you are unvaccinated it is safest for you, and those around you, to continue to wear a mask.


We will continue to follow the recommendations of public health authorities.


Subject to the continuing low level of covid spread in Trempealeau County

Effective immediately – We will sing the last hymn, continue to speak liturgy

Effective in July – Sing all the hymns


Communion will be offered on the first and second Sundays (beginning July)