Dear French Creek members and friends,

In 2018, our congregation will honor Pastor Anna’s request for Sabbatical – a critical part of our compensation agreement with her. The council has appointed a sabbatical planning committee to help facilitate the listening/learning and planning of Pastor’s Sabbatical time. There are 5 people appointed to the committee:

  • Pastor Anna,
  • Council President: Maren Walz, 
  • Deacon: John Christianson, 
  • La Crosse Area Synod Compensation Guidelines Sub-Committee member: Steve Hogden, 
  • Parish Associate: Larry Hoppe. 

What is a sabbatical? A sabbatical is grounded in Genesis 2:2, in the Sabbath. Resting is part of God’s creation. Sabbath is actually commanded in Exodus 20:8-11. This intentional rest is an opportunity for pastors, who are “on call” 24 hours/day for years on end, to rest, learn, and grow in their own spiritual wellness. Though rest is the primary purpose of a sabbatical, it is not simply a vacation. Pastor will visit other congregations and have a reading plan. And our congregation will use the time to grow in our leadership and worship skills.

The planning committee will share more as we begin our work in the months to come, and we will look to the congregation for input, support and prayers. Please contact any of the committee members if you have questions throughout the process. 

We are grateful for Pastor Anna’s service to our community, and for this opportunity to support her work with us. 

Maren Walz, Council President
You can reach me at or 608-797-8780

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