French Creek Lutheran Church is seeking applications for our part-time Office Manager position. To apply, please follow these instructions:

  1. email your letter of interest as an attachment
  2. to:
  3. cc:
  4. You are welcomed  (but not required) to include a resume or other support for your application.

Position description: Office manager, 12 hours/week, 12-month appointment
Starting pay: $11/hour, negotiable based on experience
Reports to: in general administrative matters – pastor; in bookkeeping matters – council treasurer.

Summary: The Office Manager of French Creek Lutheran Church will work to support the ministry of the congregation and pastor through organization and operation of the church office and communication channels

Duties and responsibilities:
Daily: General administrative duties
Be a welcoming presence, answer phones, check and respond to voicemail and email messages, open and sort mail. Disseminate as appropriate
Engage in regular communication, collaboration, and project management with pastor
Identify opportunities and make recommendations to become more effective and efficient in communication, community engagement, volunteer support and ministry

Weekly: Support for Worship services 
Prepare bulletins, inserts and other media needed for each service
Prepare materials needed by worship leaders
Confirm participation of volunteers and leaders
Record attendance, communion, and contact information from friendship pads and guest book. Relay visitor info to pastor and hospitality volunteers.
Board of Education support
Organize and help leaders with materials as needed
Coordinate volunteers
Weekly: Communication
Collaborate with leaders on the management of Web, social media, calendar, e-mail, and other means of communication and promotion of church activities
Ensure timely payment of bills under supervision of elected treasurer
Record memorial gifts

Monthly: Council support
Prepare materials for monthly meetings
Follow-up on council actions
Communication / administration
Prepare and distribute monthly newsletter
Maintain church official record book and member database
Monthly: Bookkeeping
Monthly audit meeting with treasurer. Prepare financial statement for council report

Support council and committees as they prepare annual congregation reports (in conjunction with pastor).
Support council treasurer in preparation of annual financial report

As needed:
Manage altar guild supply needs
Support work of Minster of Music as requested
Prepare flyers and announcements of upcoming events
Purchase/order office and worship supplies
Prepare mailings as directed by pastor or council president
Arrange for maintenance of office equipment
Maintain files/records of building and facilities items; support trustees in recording and retrieving such information
Update phone messages, church sign, local newspaper announcements, etc.

Dear French Creek members and friends,

This summer French Creek Lutheran will be honoring Pastor Anna’s request for sabbatical. We should feel proud that we are following through on the work of the call committee 7 years ago. The planning process is an exciting (and apprehensive) time as we learn what this means for us. The sabbatical committee has made progress in a number of areas:

  1. We named Steve Hogden and John Christianson as co-chairs. Pastor Anna, Larry Hoppe and I are all grateful for their prayerful leadership.
  2. We secured Pastor Ben Morris, of La Crosse Campus Ministry, as our primary supply pastor. Pastors Kary Jonas, John Ashland, and David Hendrickson will be available for hospitals, funerals and pastoral care.
  3. We have dates set – May 21-August 12 (12 weeks, as offered in our employment contract with Pastor).

While the primary definition of sabbatical is to offer Pastor time do to the kind of unplugging and unwinding we are expected to do on the Sabbath, to be clear, this is not a vacation. Reading and learning will be done, among other things, for Pastor to refresh her own spiritual inspiration. She is currently developing her sabbatical plan to present to the committee and council. We will share more from her plan at the annual meeting, and in next month’s newsletter.
We continue to receive feedback – both concerns and words of encouragement. We appreciate your engagement with the process and ask that you continue to share your thoughts and pray for us.

Maren Walz, Council President
You can reach me at or 608-797-8780

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Dear French Creek members and friends,

In 2018, our congregation will honor Pastor Anna’s request for Sabbatical – a critical part of our compensation agreement with her. The council has appointed a sabbatical planning committee to help facilitate the listening/learning and planning of Pastor’s Sabbatical time. There are 5 people appointed to the committee:

  • Pastor Anna,
  • Council President: Maren Walz, 
  • Deacon: John Christianson, 
  • La Crosse Area Synod Compensation Guidelines Sub-Committee member: Steve Hogden, 
  • Parish Associate: Larry Hoppe. 

What is a sabbatical? A sabbatical is grounded in Genesis 2:2, in the Sabbath. Resting is part of God’s creation. Sabbath is actually commanded in Exodus 20:8-11. This intentional rest is an opportunity for pastors, who are “on call” 24 hours/day for years on end, to rest, learn, and grow in their own spiritual wellness. Though rest is the primary purpose of a sabbatical, it is not simply a vacation. Pastor will visit other congregations and have a reading plan. And our congregation will use the time to grow in our leadership and worship skills.

The planning committee will share more as we begin our work in the months to come, and we will look to the congregation for input, support and prayers. Please contact any of the committee members if you have questions throughout the process. 

We are grateful for Pastor Anna’s service to our community, and for this opportunity to support her work with us. 

Maren Walz, Council President
You can reach me at or 608-797-8780

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