Holy Week with French Creek 

In person options

do not include congregational singing due to pandemic

Palm Sunday (3/28) 10:15 am 

Maundy Thursday (4/1) 7 pm 


Good Friday Stations of the Cross

self guided worship experience
11 am – 1pm, 6 – 8pm


Easter Sunday

6:30 am with communion 9:00 am Drive-in at G-E-T Middle School

Holy Week – worship virtually, at home

Palm Sunday  – https://youtu.be/IuCulxmJFJg

Maundy Thursday –  https://youtu.be/z8clI22LORk

Good Friday – https://youtu.be/LdA6KxSE2tk

Easter – live stream at 9am on Mount Calvary Facebook


Soup and Scripture 

The North Conference pastors are putting together a Lenten soup and bread recipe book will be bound and distributed among all the congregations of the conference.  The recipe book will be available by Ash Wednesday. There will also be a PDF version (free) for those who prefer a digital copy.  If you would like a hard copy ($10), the order form is linked below. 

Order form

Download the order form and submit by February 7th. scripture and soup order form



Christmas communion


9-10 am Drive-in communion

Tune to 92.5 FM to listen to hymns and scripture as you wait your turn. Due to forecast cold weather, the communion servers will be in the cemetery garage and will come to serve you when you drive to the west side of the parking lot. You may bring your own bread/wine or use the wafer/juice packets provided.

10 am – Communion inside

by household.

Tune to 92.5 FM to listen to hymns and scripture as you wait your turn.  Enter the church through the main doors; please wear a mask – masks are provided for you if you do not have your own.  You may bring your own bread/wine or use the wafer / juice packets provided.  Pastor will speak the words of institution near the entrance, you may take a seat in a pew or go forward to the rail.  Serve yourself. When you have finished, please leave by the entrance with the ramp, on the east side of the church. 

Christmas 2020

Everything about life in pandemic has been altered. We long to have our customary celebrations, but out of love for our vulnerable neighbors and those who work in healthcare, we will wait for a safer time.  Nevertheless, we can still celebrate the birth of Christ! Rather than try to (poorly) replicate our traditions, we are doing something entirely different for the Christmas of the pandemic. Below you will find a variety of ways to celebrate the birth of the savior.

If your worship need is

Silent Night with Candles





Full Worship Service



To stay safe at home




Holy Communion

Try this 

  • drive-in carol sing at North Beaver Creek, Wednesday the 23rd, 4pm / 7pm
  • Christmas story and Silent Night at the Mount Calvary lawn on Thursday the 24th, 2:30pm / 6pm 


  • Drive-in community Christmas Eve at G-E-T Middle school Thursday the 24th 4pm – tune to 107.1FM



  • drive-in communion at French Creek, Friday the 25th 9-10am
  • Communion by household indoors at French Creek on the 25th at 10am

The annual congregational meeting is scheduled for February 9th, 2020, following Sunday worship.  The annual meeting is for all voting members* of the congregation to review 2019, approve a ministry budget for 2020, elect congregational leaders for the coming 12 months, and set direction for the church.   Childcare will be provided during the meeting. 


Any written reports to be included in the printed book should be submitted by January 23rd to office@frenchcreeklutheran.org 

The nominating committee is seeking nominees for leadership positions.  You can read about those positions and suggest someone (or yourself). Nominations for Church Council and leadership 2020

Worship on February 9th is a special service of hymns and readings for Epiphany: “Light Dawns on a Weary World.” Lunch will be served following the meeting. Thank you to Sheryl Henderson and team for the meal.  


*”Voting members” are confirmed members of the congregation (through affirmation of baptism or new member affirmation or adult baptism) who have participated in communion and have a financial contribution of record in 2019 or 2020. 

9/1 John 18:28-32
9/2 Mark 7:1-8, 14-15, 21-23
9/3 Psalm 106:1-6, 13-23, 47-48
9/4 Deuteronomy 4:15-20
9/5 Mark 7:9-23
9/6 Psalm 146
9/7 Romans 2:12-16
9/8 Isaiah 33:1-9
9/9 Mark 7:24-37
9/10 Isaiah 38:10-20
9/11 Hebrews 12:3-13
9/12 Matthew 17:14-21
9/13 Psalm 116:1-9
9/14 John 3:13-17
9/15 Matthew 21:23-32
9/16 Mark 8:27-38
9/17 Psalm 119:169-176
9/18 Colossians 3:1-11
9/19 John 7:25-36
9/20 Psalm 54
9/21 Matthew 9:9-13
9/22 2 Kings 17:5-18
9/23 Mark 9:30-37
9/24 Psalm 139:1-18
9/25 James 5:1-6
9/26 Jeremiah 1:4-10
9/27 Psalm 19:7-14
9/28 Acts 12:20-25
9/29 Luke 10:17-20
9/30 Mark 9:38-50
8/1 Isaiah 25:6-10a
8/2 Psalm 78:23-29
8/3 1 Corinthians 11:27-34
8/4 Exodus 13:3-10
8/5 John 6:24-35
8/6 Psalm 107:1-3, 33-43
8/7 1 Corinthians 12:27-31
8/8 Mark 8:1-10
8/9 Psalm 34:1-8
8/10 Galatians 6:1-10
8/11 Matthew 7:7-11
8/12 John 6:35, 41-51
8/13 Psalm 81
8/14 2 Peter 3:14-18
8/15 Luke 1:46-55
8/16 Psalm 34:9-14
8/17 Romans 16:17-20
8/18 John 4:7-26
8/19 John 6:51-58
8/20 Psalm 36
8/21 Acts 7:9-16
8/22 Genesis 47:13-26
8/23 Psalm 34:15-22
8/24 John 1:43-51
8/25 Luke 11:5-13
8/26 John 6:56-69
8/27 Psalm 119:97-104
8/28 Nehemiah 9:16-31
8/29 Isaiah 33:10-16
8/30 Psalm 15
8/31 James 1:9-16